Ice Casino Show

2025 Ice Casino Show in Barcelona

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you have probably heard of the Ice Casino Show, the leading global gaming and gaming event that services the entire industry. The International Casino Exhibition or ICE, is an annual trade show and conference that brings together thousands of gaming professionals, exhibitors, speakers, and visitors from all over the world. This event is the place to be if you want to discover the latest innovations, technology solutions, regulatory updates, and expert insights in the gaming industry. Whether you are interested in land-based, Ice live casino, or online casinos, you will find plenty of options to suit your taste and budget at the Ice Casino Show.

Excitement for 2025 Ice Casino Show in Barcelona.


Decades in London: ICE’s Storied Legacy at ExCeL London

The esteemed event has been held in London, the United Kingdom, for over 30 years, attracting millions of attendees and generating billions of dollars in business. It has been hosted at the ExCeL London, a large exhibition and convention center in the Docklands area of London. The ExCeL London has a capacity of 100,000 square metres and can accommodate up to 70,000 visitors at a time. The great event has been using the entire space of the ExCeL London, featuring over 600 exhibitors, 150 speakers, and 120 countries represented.

A Change of Venue: ICE Casino Show Heads to Barcelona in 2025

The Ice Casino Show is about to change its location in 2025, after the 2024 edition. It will move from London to Barcelona, Spain, under an initial five-year contract. The news was announced by the show’s organiser, Clarion Gaming, part of the U.K.-based Clarion Events Ltd, in August 2023. Clarion Gaming said the decision to switch venues followed “an extensive and detailed six-month competitive bid process involving Barcelona, London, Madrid and Paris”. The exciting event will be joined by another event linked to it, called iGB Affiliate, which is a platform for online gaming affiliates and operators.

Barcelona’s Grand Stage: Fira de Barcelona as the New Venue

The first Barcelona editions of the great show and iGB Affiliate will be held at the 240,000 square metres-capacity Fira de Barcelona, from January 20 to 22, 2025. The Fira de Barcelona is one of the largest and most modern trade fair institutions in Europe, located in the Montjuïc and Gran Via areas of Barcelona. The Fira de Barcelona hosts more than 120 events and 30,000 exhibitors every year, attracting more than 2.5 million visitors. The Fira de Barcelona has state-of-the-art facilities, services, and technology, as well as a strategic location near the city centre, the airport, and the port. Clarion Gaming said it has reserved a total of 40,000 hotel nights for “ICE week 2025”.

Benefits of the Move: Opportunities for ICE Casino Show and Participants

The move to Barcelona is expected to bring many benefits and opportunities for the Ice Casino Show and its participants. Clarion Gaming said the venue-switch decision had been “endorsed by the ICE advisory board comprising a cross-section of major international brands active in both online and land-based gaming”. Alex Pratt, managing director at Clarion Gaming, was quoted as saying in the announcement: “The successful bid by Barcelona was notable for the scale of its world-class facilities, outstanding hospitality infrastructure, logistics, return on investment for our customers and ability to scale.”

Barcelona’s Allure: Beyond Gaming Excellence

Barcelona is also a popular and attractive destination for tourists, offering a rich cultural, historical, and artistic heritage, as well as a vibrant and cosmopolitan lifestyle. Barcelona is the capital and largest city of Catalonia, a region in northeastern Spain with its own language, identity, and traditions. Barcelona is famous for its architecture, especially the works of Antoni Gaudí, such as the Sagrada Família, the Park Güell, and the Casa Batlló. Barcelona is also known for its beaches, parks, museums, monuments, festivals, nightlife, cuisine, and sports. Barcelona is home to FC Barcelona, one of the most successful and popular football clubs in the world.

Clarion Gaming’s Strategic Moves: iGB Live Relocates to London in 2025

The Ice Casino Show is not the only event that Clarion Gaming is relocating in 2025. Clarion Gaming also announced the relocation of another of its events, iGB Live, from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, to London in July 2025. iGB Live is a gaming event that combines four shows in one: iGB Affiliate Amsterdam, iGaming Super Show, EiG, and Amsterdam Affiliate Conference. iGB Live is designed to provide a comprehensive and interactive gaming experience for online gaming operators, affiliates, and suppliers.

The Ultimate Gaming Experience in Barcelona

In 2025, the Ice Casino Show is not just a gathering; it’s a transcendent gaming odyssey set against the vibrant backdrop of Barcelona! As the global gaming community converges on the Fira de Barcelona, prepare for an unparalleled experience that goes beyond industry excellence.

This relocation marks the dawn of a new era for the Ice Casino Show, where innovation and excitement collide in the heart of Catalonia. Barcelona, a city pulsating with life, offers not only cutting-edge gaming insights but also a cultural kaleidoscope of architectural wonders, sun-soaked beaches, and a culinary scene that tantalizes the taste buds.

Join the ranks of games visionaries, bonus enthusiasts, and industry leaders as they converge in this magnetic metropolis. Beyond the bustling exhibition halls, immerse yourself in Barcelona’s rich history, witness the architectural marvels of Gaudí, savor delectable tapas, and dance the night away in its electrifying nightlife.

The Ice Casino Show in Barcelona is not merely an event; it’s a celebration of gaming prowess, a symphony of innovation, and a rendezvous with the future of the industry. As the sun sets over the Mediterranean, and the city lights come to life, anticipate an atmosphere charged with the energy of possibilities.

Seize the jackpot opportunity to connect, learn, and elevate your gaming experience amidst the electrifying ambiance of Barcelona. Secure your place at the forefront of the gaming revolution – the Ice Casino Show awaits your presence in 2025, promising an adventure where business meets pleasure, and the extraordinary becomes the norm. Don’t just be a spectator; be a participant in the next chapter of gaming history. Barcelona is calling, and the exciting event is your ticket to an unforgettable journey. See you in 2025!